Welcome Coachella Valley parents! As a service to our community, DesertMoms.net serves as a repository of resources and information pertinent to desert-area parents. Please browse through the Resources directory links on the right. Current news and events info is listed in our blog.


A little about me…
You can call me Mandy. I live in La Quinta with my husband Mike and baby girl Tristyn who was born in July ’07.

How this website came to be:

As a new mom I found it difficult to educate myself about what kinds of programs were available locally for children. I wanted to take full advantage of the time I had off during an extended maternity leave. One problem: where do I begin? Often times hours of internet research would result in little or no information.

Shortly after my daughter was born I decided to join a local moms playgroup. After becoming involved in that community very quickly, I was suddenly inspired to help other mothers looking for parenting and children’s resources, and DesertMoms.net was born.

I knew there were resources out there, I just couldn’t find them, and they weren’t reaching me. As a repository of local parenting information, DesertMoms.net seeks to close that gap by offering a handshake between mother and provider.

In addition to the resource directory, DesertMoms.net has a blog regularly updated with local events suitable for great family fun and things to do in the area with toddlers & preschoolers.

Amanda Yeager Leonard
DesertMoms.net Founder


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